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Inti Raymi in the Qorikancha

At dawn on "the Day of Cusco" and the Inti Raymi honors the Inca and his people the god of the Sun in the Qorikancha or the Temple of the Sun where the Santa Domingo was built. Seen from the Avenida del Sol is the festival starting and the four provinces of the Incas, the four Suyus as part of Tawantinsuyu come together to give thanks to the Sun. The Sapa Inca makes his speech on top of the beautiful perfectly shaped granite wall before the Santa Domingo. Standing behind the Inca is the enormous golden disc we only know from legends. According to one of these legends rests the Golden Sun Disc of Mu at the bottom of the lake Titicaca. Enjoy the best tourist sites and places to tour cusco

Underneath the Inca, at the granite wall of the remains of Temple of the Sun stand the imperial court, the Virgins of the Sun and at his right hand side the high priest and the subordinated priests. All of them are considered of being part of the nobility and most of them have noble blood. On the square below are the representatives of the four Suyus listening to the powerful Quechua words of the Sapa Inca. Peru history

Inti Raymi at the Qorikancha

In the church and monastery of the Santa Domingo can the remains of the impressive Temple of the Sun still be seen. Temples are built to honor the elements of nature as lighting, wind, the Sun (Inti), the Moon (Quilla), etc. The Inca in his golden throneAfter the initiation at this most sacred temple (once considered as the very center of Tawantinsuyu from where the four provinces started) moves the procession on the same route they took 600 years ago to the fortress of Sacsayhuamán. The Inca is carried in a replica of his famous golden throne. When the conquistador Francisco Pizarro won the battle on the Plaza de Armas of Cajamarca in 1533, it is said he claimed the throne as his personal trophy. Its weight was 80kg of pure gold.

Ok, back to Cusco. Next to the Inca walks the high priest in deep meditation. This highest spiritual representative in the empire had the same consideration as his brother the Inca and maybe higher. For many state affairs asked the Inca advice to the high priest. In the background of the picture stands the proud Catedrál as a pearl on the Plaza de Armas.

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Next are the pictures of Sacsayhuamán...

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