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The Inca Trail

The Cusichaca Valley

Wide view of the Salcantay

The next day we started of climbing a 5.300 m mountain pass. Only the horses carrying our luggage stayed with the group. The other horses and the two cowboys returned home to Mollepata.

Camping in front of a schoolThe biggest problem in the high andes is lack of oxigene. Every step feels like moving a thousand kilos. On the other hand, a mountain pass usually rewards with a fabulous view. The sky was totally clear and we could see hundereds of kilometers far. Even the highest mountain of the area was visible, the Ausangate. Its huge white summit glittered in the sun, a 250 km east from the Salcantay. Far away a condor crossed the sky, was this the Apus Ausangate?

We now only had to follow the Cusichaca Valley all the way down to Wayllabamba. It took us two days to get there. After walking down all day, we arrived in a village of 5 houses and a little school. We camped just in front of the school. The next day we had to leave before classes started at 9 in the morning.

And finally we got to see the first ruin

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