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The Inca Trail


After having some drinks and writing in my diary we continued the trail to out last night. Since '96 it is normally no more allowed to spend the night at Intipunku or the 'Gate of the Sun'. If one doesn't make a fire and do their best not to endanger oneself there are any problems expected by the two night watchmen.


We arrived there at late afternoon and had to say good-bye to Zenon and the two chasquis Temple of the Sun in Machu Picchubecause they didn't stay with us and continued through Machu Picchu until Aquas Calientes. It was an emotional farewell and after giving them their well-earned propina they left us. Luckily some English persons had the same idea as us and we could use their fire to cook and have some hot thee. Many people stayed there to be part of the sunset of the Inti Raymi in Machu Picchu.

The name Intipunku is not chosen by coincidence. As being the 'Gate of the Sun', the sun at its highest point falls the 21st of December right through this gate in the left-hand side window of the Temple of the Sun. The other important date of the Incas and even more important is the Inti Raymi (the 21st of December) and is also called the winter solstice. This day is tomorrow and the Sun will fall through the other window on the right-hand side of the temple. We are all very exited as the night falls in the Intipunku. Night falls, we are 1,000m lower than the night before. It is going to be a hot night…

Our last night and... to Machu Picchu

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From: Henry Wolf posted at 13/02/2006 19:58:23 send a comment
Hi. Regarding the last paragraph on the Intipunku site, would not their winter solstice fall on June 21st since they are in the southern hemisphere? (You have Dec 21 for both solstices.)
Love your site, great pictures and commentary!

In Christ, Henry

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