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The Inca Trail

The Map of the Inca Trail

Click on the underlined locations to get more information. The start of the trail can also be visited on this interactive page.

Most visitors do the 4-days Inca Trail. These are the campsites that are mostly used by the travel agencies in and around Cusco:

  Campsite 10-days 4-days
Day 1

Llulluchapampa or Wayllabamba

5 1
Day 2


6 2
Day 3


8 3
Day 4

Aquas Calientes

9 4

The links in the map are: Limatambo, Mollepata, Incaraqay, Wayllabamba, Llulluchapampa, Runkuraqay, Sayacmarca, Rhuyupatamarca, Wi˝aywayna, Intipata and Machu Picchu.

Additional links that are not clickable in this map are the introduccion to the Inca Trail (also the startpage of the virtual trail) and the Inti Raymi celebrated in Machu Picchu)

Enjoy the Virtual Inca Trail

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