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Choose and book your hotel for Arequipa

Here you may find a suitable hotel for you and your family. If you find a better price somewhere please let us know (send the link) and we do the necessary to get the best price for you.

The link shows you more information about a hotel before you make the booking. You book directly, meaning that you'll receive a direct confirmation of your booking (if the hotel is already fully booked you'll know as well)

Prices are for a standard double room. Any reservation can always be cancelled and without any cost.

Booking are 100% secure (encrypted link) and offered by Lima Hotels, an international travel agency providing reservations hotels in lima.

Hotel Transport from/to airport Price Class Book
Corregidor Hotel
26 US$ 3 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
Conquistador Hotel
31 US$ 3 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
El Balcon Hotel
36 US$ 3 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
Crismar Hotel
42 US$ 3 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
Samana Hotel
49 US$ 3 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
Posada Del Monasterio Hotel
54 US$ 3 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
La Maison D`elise Hotel
55 US$ 3 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
Casagrande Hotel
73 US$ 3 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
Posada Del Puente Hotel 73 US$ 3 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
El Cabildo Hotel
86 US$ 4 stars {$txt['alt_book']}
Libertador Hotel
154 US$ 4 stars {$txt['alt_book']}

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