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This website is the effort of one person and has been the work over many years. kicked off as 'the PeruPage' in 1997 and was hosted on Geocities. I bought the domain name in '98 and the pages were transferred shortly after to a new host (this is now gnxonline).

What started as a site to help Dutch-speaking people into finding information about Peru has grown to (an almost) completely 4 languages supported site about all kinds of items of Peru.

I lived two years in Peru as you can read in about the author where I worked as a guide and making websites for companies. It was there that I had sufficient time to improve the site and to start translations.

When I was back in Belgium I lacked time to keep up the website, luckily the information on is such that it is more or less timeless.

The website still exists, thanks also to its popularity of 1500+ visitors a day and because of the fact that this website has many keywords that are top-listed on Google.

Philosophy : has always been an informative website where all visitors could find the necessary information about this wonderful and mysterious country. It has never been into my intention of getting too much into details, although there is a lot of information about many issues to find here. Also things that may not be so important for future visitors but that may attract the attention of those who are looking for history or the Incas.

We have always strived to keep purely informative and to not make it a 'jingle-jangle' website. This site has gone through many stages and appearances but the information has always been available (if the provider is not down of course ;) For those looking for more information about the Inti Raymi for example, will after a visit to us have a good idea what 'the Day of Cusco' is really about.


In the Summer of 2005 I have finally started to modify the whole website to PHP (a flexible program language for the Internet). InfoPeru is now ready to become a portal site to Peru. I've found people who are willing to help me and we are making contact with the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism to see how we can be of mutual help.

This modification to PHP also brought adds. With this I may cover the costs of providing and maintaining the website. The original concept of being a informative website will never be harmed.

To help visitors some new options are provided to (thanks to PHP and my programming skills, this has become possible ;) Such new options are:

  • everyone can leave his or her comments or tips to many of the pages
  • a lot of pages have a link bar (linkXchange) where he or she can leave a personal website or a link of interest. This is a part of an exchange program, when linking to us the links you have provided to us becomes automatically visible
  • everone can securely make hotel reservations for Peru, and this at very sharp prices
  • and only God knows what new features will become available in the future!

If you want to help us, you can either click on a google-sponsor of your interest of book your hotels for Peru through this website!

Thanks for your visit and interest in this website!


©2019 InfoPeru
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