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Customs and necessities of Peru

  • Attire for personal use
  • Hygienic items and cosmetics for personal use
  • An electrical shaver
  • A camera or video camera and maximum 5 films or videocassettes
  • No more than 10 CD's, disks or DAT's
  • A pocket calculator
  • Medicines for personal use
  • Books, magazines and common documents
  • 20 packs of cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco
  • No more than US$ 300 of varied articles, limited in quantity en for personal use or as a present for others. One article may not cost more than US$ 100
  • A portable typewriter or computer
  • A musical instrument carried by your hand or in a carrier bag
  • A radio, a radio cassette, a tape recorder, a gramophone or a CD-player, portable or a portable device with one or more than the mentioned apparatus
  • A suitcase, backpack or other luggage for collective use for carrying the allowed items
  • In case of a disabled person or an ill traveler, the equipment they indispensably need for their mobility
  • Ps: also accepted is an article that's portable, not too heavy and made to be transported easily by hand

Important: if you import items to Peru (or export if you are a Peruvian resident) that are not part of the above-mentioned list, ask for the "Carilla de Valoración Equipaje y Menaje de Viajeros del Exterior". The Peruvian customs has also a site on the Internet (in Spanish) where you can send your questions.

Migration: persons entering Peru as a tourist will receive a tourist visa. No lucrative activities are allowed. Even voluntary work is illegal without permission from the proper authorities.


Required documents:

  • A passport valid until at least 6 months after return date. In general, Europeans and persons from the USA, Australia, New Zealand do not need a visa. In the airport or the airplane before landing everybody has to fill in a "tarjeta de embarque/desembarque". Make sure you don't loose this paper during your holiday! Some nationalities need a visa. It's better to check out in the Peruvian embassy or consulate in your country or foreign affairs.
  • If you want to hire a car in Peru, an international license will be asked. Get this document before coming over to Peru.
  • You need a return ticket or a passage ticket to another neighbor country. If you don't have this, it's possible that customs refuse access to Peru. It's very rare customs ask for your return ticket.
  • The proof that you have enough resources to travel around in Peru (US dollars, traveler checks and/or a credit card. But it's rare they ask for these items).
  • A proof that you have an assurance in case of illness or accidents. This is facultative but everybody should have an assurance. It's possible that a local travel agency ask for it if you want to do an extreme trip.

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From: Eldon Porter posted at 04/02/2011 06:01:21 send a comment
Would I be permitted to bring $2,000.00 in cash with me into Peru?
From: Douglas Graham posted at 26/01/2010 15:42:31 send a comment
I am a US citizen with the intent of staying for the allowable length of my passport. It is also my intent to rent an apartment during my stay. I have shipped a number of household items, clothing and simple hobby tools.These have yet to arrive by ship. Am I to understand that these items will not be allowed to enter Peru. All items are personal and will accompany back to the United States at my departure.
From: Jeff Jones posted at 16/01/2010 11:06:57 send a comment
What are the shipping regulations for medium sized machinery to be imported to Peru from the U.S. I have conflcting information as to how to crate these machines.
From: Barb Grauel posted at 07/08/2009 14:58:56 send a comment
May dry fruit and nut snacks be brought into the country to be used on a trek to Machu Pichu?

May packaged not fresh food be brought in?
From: F. Miranda posted at 03/05/2008 17:56:42 send a comment
I need to know how to send a car to Peru and what are the limitations to do so. I am an American citizen.
From: Chris Hollywood posted at 30/03/2008 10:18:20 send a comment
I need to know if I exceed the $300 limit of items and if there is one item more than $100 will I need too pay for this and will they still let me bring it into the country. It is a small cash register for my friends business and all other items included may be around $500.

Thanks, Chris
From: Tim Compton posted at 30/03/2006 04:22:58 send a comment
I am a videographer hoping to travel to Peru this summer and film a documentary. Naturally I would want to take a professional camera, many tapes, and batteries etc. What steps do I need to take to accomplish this?

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