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Inti Raymi in Sacsayhuamán (4)

Inti Raymi, we were there, and you?

The pictures below show in chronology the actors coming up the scenery with stirred up percussion music. The sky is deep blue because the Inca fortress is situated at 3.600m.

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The Suyus come up from behind the hill

From both sides of Sacsayhuamán the Suyus take position on the main square

... listen to the words of the Sapa Inca...

...and honor the god of the Sun, Wirracocha!

Lamas in Sacsayhuamán

The good friends of the Incas are also part of the scenery. This day the high priest offer ceremonially a lama.  Inty Raymi

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The end!
See you next year...

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